Car cameras have been around for a long time now and therefore are used by fleet owners, taxi companies and individual drivers. Over the years this gadget moved through much evolution when it comes to its features, design and size. Today, there are varieties of car cameras with advanced features. The most recent you are the BlackVue DR400G HD. Oahu is the latest in car cameras and offers far better features among its contemporaries. This system is available at online stores in a very competitive cost range compared to specialty stores within your region.

BlackVue DR400G HD Features

This is a highly advanced hi-def audio/video recording device with built-in GPS and accelerometer. The body is cylindrical in form and rotates. The digital camera mount is adhesive backed and allows you to easily position the device behind your rear view mirror. It contains three inputs mainly a video output, 12/24V DC power input along with a Micro sd card slot. The product contains two LEDs that provide GPS recording and reporting status. It features a microphone, speaker and lens. In addition, it features button enabling parking mode encompassed by a translucent LED. The merchandise comes complete with the basic accessories.

The Positives concerning the Product

The BlackVue DR 400G HD Car Camera though is definitely a small , compact device you’ll be surprised by the host of features packed into its tiny body. This kind of method is the best in their category. Her most superior videos quality. It really is sleek and small, and does not get noticed on your own car windshield. It comes with an auto power on/off which eliminates difficulties of experiencing to remember to modify on/off your car camera when you are getting in and obtain out. It captures GPS and accelerometer data and uses the same for event detection. The software that accompany the product provides you with all of the video information you need in a nice GUI. The parking mode is defined automatically by the accelerometer feedback.

How’s It Packaged?

Reputed internet vendors will dispatch your BlackVue DR 400G HD neatly and safely packed in tamper proof cardboard box. On the one hand you will find the features, memory capacity and the serial number of the item printed that is needed if you have to claim warranties. The package includes the digital camera, memory card, car power adapter, video out cables, cable holders and double side adhesive for the mount. Additionally, it contains an guide that can help you to install and make use of these devices effectively.


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